Department of subsurface water hydrology 

Head of the department: Mgr. Peter Rončák, PhD.

Research orientation

  • study of water transport processes in the unsaturated porous media, and development of generalized laws governing these processes;
  • methods of determination of the physical characteristics of soils and other porous media, in laboratory and field conditions; 
  • study of laws governing the processes of water and matter in non - homogeneous soils and in soils with a multi - modal porosity (soil matrix, macropores of various sorts); 
  • monitoring and measurement of charac-teristics of the water, matter, and energy transport processes, and their modelling; 
  • mathematical modelling of the water, matter, and energy transport processes in the soil-plant-atmosphere system (SPAC), with the aim of diagnostics and predicting of regimes of the water, matter, and energy in the SPAC system; 
  • methods of measurement and calculation of the quantitative transport characteristics of the water, matter, and energy in the SPAC system; 
  • soil water balance in relation to the SPAC system character, and to the anthropogenic activities, oriented to the land with an intensive agriculture; 
  • influence of long - term changes of the SPAC system character upon the water in soil and in larger hydrological units, and upon consequencies of these changes in water management and agriculture (global climate changes, changes in the land utilization, changes evoked by pedogenesis).  
  • hydrology of terrain microdepressions and depression areas, 
  • influence of anthropogenic activities on water regime of lowland territories, 
  • water regime of the agricultural areas and the possibilities of its regulation, 
  • water balance of the lowland areas, its temporal and spatial variability, 
  • quantitative assessment of the surface and ground water and their monitoring. 

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Collaboration with scientific and research institutions

  • Slovak hydrometeorological institute Bratislava, office Košice

    water table and runoff regime of surface water under anthropogenic influence,

    groundwater table variability in Eastern Slovakian Lowland. 

  • Slovak agency of environment, Center of nature and land protection Banská Bystrica, office Michalovce.

    climatic and hydrological characteristic of the Latorica – Medzibodrožie region. 

  • Regional research institute of agroecology, Michalovce

    water regime of the main soil types in Eastern Slovakian Lowland,

    surface and ground water quality, moni-toring of the selected parameters of water quality (streams incl. heavy metals, irrigation water).  

International co-operation

  • Co-operation agreement with the Institute Plant and Soil, Bet Dagan, Israel. Topic: In-fluence of vegetation cover structure upon the water regime of irrigated soils.  
  • Co-operation agreement with the Institute of Pedology and Chemistry, Hungarian Acade-my of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary. Topic: Mathematical modelling of water and solute regime in soil.  
  • Co-operation agreement with the Institute of Agrophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Lublin, Poland. Topic : Analysis of me-thods, instrumentation, and experimental data of the hydrophysical processes in soil.  
  • The Institute is taking part in the Internatio-nal Geosphere - Biosphere Programme IGBP, in its Project “Biospheric Aspects of the Hydrological Cycle” (BAHC), by taking part in research under lowland conditions of the Žitný ostrov (southern Slovakia), on the theme “Water and energy transport in the system atmosphere – vegetation – soil – groundwater”.  
  • The Institute is taking part in the U.S.– Slovak Science and Technology Program, in the Project “Modelling of water and solutes movement in an unsaturated zone of soil in the Žitný ostrov region, South Slovakia”. (ID No 92006)

Research base for Lowland Hydrology in Michalovce

Head of the base: Ing. Milan Gomboš, PhD.

Research Hydrological Base in Michalovce was established in 1986 as a branch office of the Institute of Hydrology and Hydraulics, Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS), which was later renamed to the Institute of Hydrology SAS. The original purpose of the base was to quantify the impacts of anthropogenic activities on the water regime of lowland areas. Since the establishment of the base, the research has been performed in the Eastern Slovakian Lowland (ESL). In the last century, complex water-management works were built throughout the lowland such as reservoirs, polders, dikes and drainage and irrigation systems. Gradually, the Research Hydrological Base in Michalovce has focused on examining the hydrological processes in unsaturated zone of heavy soils. Nowadays, ESL is considered to be a natural laboratory for examining hydrological processes which occur in unsaturated zone, within the system atmosphere – plant cover – unsaturated zone – groundwater. 

Main work activities:

  • Research of the main components of the water balance in unsaturated zone of soil.
  • Quantification of the interactions within the system atmosphere – plant cover – unsaturated zone – groundwater.
  • Extremes of hydrological processes in soil.

Basic research:

  • Quantification of soil water regime elements in space and time.
  • Unique characteristics of heavy soils water regime – conditions for creation and termination of a two-domain soil structure, change of hydrodynamics of a two-domain soil structure.
  • The processes of creation, duration and termination of soil drought in lowland areas.
  • Application of the state-of-the-art methods to examine soil water regime such as laser diffraction for defining soil texture and restoration of lysimetric research in Slovakia in order to quantify evaporation and other elements of soil water regime.
  • Assessment of the impacts of ongoing climate change on the water storage in the 3rd water source – unsaturated soil zone.

Reasearch area:

  • Eastern Slovakian Lowland.
  • Lowland areas within the altitude 94m to 300m.
  • Characteristic soil – heavy soils.

RNDr. PhD.Balejčíková, Lucia+421(56);
Ing. Botková, Natália+421(2)3229;
Ing. PhD.Botyanszká, Lenka+421(2)3229;
Ing. CSc.Gomboš, Milan+421(56);
Ing. PhD.Kandra, Branislav+421(56);
Ing. DrSc.Lichner, Ľubomír+421(2)3229;
 Mindžáková, Iveta+421(56);
Ing. PhD.Nagy, Viliam+421(2)3229;
 Nekovařík, Vít+421(2)3229
Ing. DrSc.Novák, Viliam+421(2)3229;
Ing. PhD.Pavelková, Danka+421(56);
Mgr. PhD.Rončák, Peter+421(2)3229
Ing. PhD.Šurda, Peter+421(2)3229;
RNDr. PhD.Tall, Andrej+421(56);
Ing. PhD.Toková, Lucia+421(2)3229;
Ing. PhD.Vitková, Justína+421(2)3229;
Mgr. PhD.Zvala, Anton+421(2)3229;

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